Ayurved Magnificence

(Dr. Mrudula Sankaramanchi Dr. BRKR Govt Ayurveda college, Hyderabad)

Ayurved is as several times transliterated the science which deals with nothing but everything about life. It is very astonishing when one can peep into various horizons and areas of excellence in ayurved. I would say peep because, it is so much that great scholars right from the golden era of acharya charak have contributed enormously to the mankind that anything we do in relation to this becomes just as a stadium full of lights on before the sun. Ayurved as an independent entity was lead by people who had precision to say , whatever present in the samhita is found elsewhere and vice versa. The irony is to acknowledge that, the same predecessors were humble enough teaching the disciples of this science to respect and learn the then prevalent and flourishing sciences, so that the various specialities working hand in hand can establish health and happiness in the world.
Base of the five elements being an authentic support to the system, gives easier understanding of the other intertwined concepts. The concepts which are safely nurtured in the most suitable language Sanskrit, have several principles, few long and elaborate while others short and brief just like the fingers of the fist held together firm. Stronger the concepts are held, more the secrets  disclosed. Literature of ayurved highly respects the grammar and rules of Sanskrit that all the slokas when set to tune flow relentlessly like a well described song.
The similes, metaphors and the phonetic accuracy creates amusement to a reader who keeps good pace of the scribe. There are many contexts where the hazards prevalent in the present era have been foreseen. The present time definition of many prime terms go parallel and match with those given by the icons of ayurved. Taking treatment into consideration, curing aspect and  care providing aspect have been segregated, categorised and classified as per the need and necessity. Totipotency, infertility, sciatica are some of the many well defined and well addressed topics whose relevance holds good eternally.
Various zones of ayurved  provide solutions to round the clock  suffering of various chronic and acute manifestations. Taking entry into the various branches of ‘logy’ s of the counterpart, I reserve my statement when i have to say ayurved has a red carpet welcome to pour its ancient spark of wisdom into the area of healing be it physically, psychologically or even spiritually. As ayurved follows the birth after death concept, it strongly endorses the astral change over. Ayurved propagates the equality of what one possesses, with what one can see around in the universe, hence holding tight to the roots of 5 element theory.
The concepts intertwined have......... three humors namely vata pitta, kapha. There are 7 dhatus namely rasa(plasma),rakta(blood),mamsa(muscle),medo(adipose),asthi(skeletal),majja(marrow),sukra(reproductive). The excretory system has been segregated into sweda(sweat),mala(bowel),mutra(urine). There are other principles which define the process of nutrition, circulation and other essential activities in the human body. There is philosophy, pharmacology, alchemy, pathology and other branches embedded.

The simplicity of its existence is what makes it so huge that each simple formula when embodied gives fantabulous results.

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